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Kim Loon: We were ill-prepared
记者: Source: D5 Sports
摄影: 1titan.com
日期: 2010-12-29 21:39:57

PORT DICKSON,  Sekolah Seri Puteri Cyberjaya coach Kan Kim Loon had less than a week to prepare his girls for the Malaysia International High School Tournament.

And he experienced the consequences as his girls were trashed by SMK Yuk Chai by 50 points for their first loss in the competition.

"We were just too unprepared to face such a strong team," laments Kim Loon.

"The girls have stopped training in May for the exams, and for this competition, we began preparing since December 23.

"There is too little time, and I could only try to help them get back into match fitness, which did not work out.

"Yuk Chai are strong, and they worked as a team. Our girls just cracked under their pressure play," he added.

Seri Puteri will have tough times ahead, as their remaining matches will pitt them against Indonesia (DBL Selection) and Woodgrove Secondary School (Singapore).

"I hope our match today can give our girls the warm up they need, and get them into a fighting spirit for the other two matches.

"We will go out there to give them a good challenge," Kim Loon added.

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