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KL Hong Wei Clinch Title After An Amazing Third Quarter
记者: Ho Lee Ching
日期: 2013-06-10 20:39:31
(Banting) Kuala Lumpur Hong Wei’s remarkable third quarter 19-1 run in the women’s final gave them the victory over Segamat BA in the Malaysia Under-20 Basketball Championship Tan Peng Son Cup at the Kuala Langat Basketball Association Hall today.

Kuala Lumpur Hong Wei had the slower start as Segamat worked their three-point magic to take the commanding first quarter 20-10 lead. They rallied hard to cut their 10-point deficit but were not successful as the continued to trail 30-23 at halftime.  

They came out strong in the second half, firing an amazing 19-1 run in the third quarter as Segamat’s sharp shooting magic seemed to have been dispelled.

“We won mainly because, in the third quarter, we managed to guard Segamat’s sharp shooters Lee Pik Jin and Magdelene Low Phey Chyi well. We also made sure we guarded the three-point line so that they had trouble shooting from the outside,” said KL’s coach Foh Neyam Jo.

Forward, Yap Fook Yee and Chan Jing Wen finished with double-double. Fook Yee scored with 13 points and 17 rebounds while Jing Wen had 12 points and 12 rebounds. Shirley Ng Mei Yan and Lee Phei Ling netted 13 points each.

“We were one of the worst teams in the championship. The players had very little chemistry because most of them were playing for the MSSM and Lum Mun Chak Cup for different teams.

“I am glad that they were able to cooperate today. They definitely had better team work and played a much better game today,” he added.
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