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记者: Wilson LEE
摄影: Max NG
日期: 2011-05-02 23:36:09

KUALA LUMPUR: The Penang media team proved too tough an opponent to beat when it crushed Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) 3-0, clinching the Dato’ Theng Book Cup title at the Pioneer Badminton Centre in Endah Parade, Sri Petaling here on May 1. 

In the third placing playoff, The Star beat Sin Chew Daily 3-2, making a strong comeback after a decade’s absence in any media badminton tournament. 

The champion team walked away with RM2,688 cash, the Champion’s Cup, team trophy, player medals and FLEET product gifts. The second place received RM1,888 cash, team trophy, player medals and FLEET product gifts; the third place RM1,288 cash, team trophy, player medals and FLEET product gifts; and the fourth place RM888 cash, team trophy, player medals and FLEET product gifts. 

For the best individuals, Beh Chor Kai from the Penang media team won the Kaspersky Star Award for Best Male Player, while Lee Yin Ling from The Star was named the Best Female Player. 

Each of them walked home with RM888 cash, an individual trophy and Kaspersky product gifts.  

Beh and Lee were chosen based on 60 per cent participants’ votes, 25 per cent self-performance in the matches and 15 per cent judges’ decision. 

The inaugural Dato’ Theng Book Cup Malaysian Media Badminton Tournament, jointly organised by Malaysia’s first and only online Chinese sports news portal One Titan Media (1titan.com) and ManagePay Systems Berhad, was held in conjunction with International Workers’ Day, giving media members a break from the hectic newsrooms for some healthy badminton matches.

Deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Chua Tee Yong, representing MCA President Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, officiated the one-day Tournament. 

Chua also played a friendly match against organiser and title sponsor Dato’ Theng Book, pairing up with former national players Lee Wan Wah and Chan Chong Ming respectively, at the event.

The Tournament, named after ManagePay Systems Chairman Dato’ Theng Book, was part of the company’s corporate social responsibility which aimed at building rapport and good relations among media organisations in the country.

Theng, who is also MCA Selangor Public Services and Complaints Bureau Chief, said the Tournament served as a channel to show recognition and appreciation for the professionalism and hard work of the Malaysian news practitioners.

The inaugural Tournament saw 13 teams competing for the champion title. Most teams were made up of editors, journalists and photojournalists from both print and broadcast media of the Chinese news fraternity, namely Sin Chew Daily, Nanyang Siang Pau, China Press, Oriental Daily, NTV7, 8TV, ASTRO and RTM.

MCA and The Star were invited to send a team each to compete in the Tournament. Meanwhile, there were three teams of mixed participants from different media organisations – the Malaysia Chinese Photojournalists Association (MCPA); the Penang media team; and One Titan Media comprising of mostly former news practitioners. 

Theng, who is a keen badminton player, was part of the MCA team taking part in the Tournament.

Under a single round-robin system, the teams were divided into four groups, in which they were seeded against each other. The top two teams from each group – MCA and China Press from Group A, The Star and Oriental Daily from Group B, Sin Chew Daily and the Penang media team from Group C, as well as Nanyang Siang Pau and One Titan Media from Group D – advanced to the quarterfinals for the cross-over playoff.

The Dato’ Theng Book Cup had received favourable contributions and supports from companies of various business sectors and industries.

Apart from its title sponsor ManagePay Systems, Ajiya Berhad was the main sponsor and Ebara Pumps Malaysia Sdn Bhd the co-sponsor. Renowned badminton brand FLEET was the premier sponsor of the game, while the Pioneer Badminton Centre was the venue sponsor. Other sponsors included Kaspersky Lab, Sports Toto, ASTRO, Milo and Revive.

Also present at the opening ceremony were ManagePay Systems Berhad Group Managing Director Mr Chew Chee Seng; Ajiya Berhad Group Managing Director Mr Chan Wah Kiang; Ebara Pumps Malaysia Sdn Bhd President Dato’ Yap Kuak Fong; FLEET International Holdings Sdn Bhd Chairman Mr Teo Tong Wah; Kaspersky Lab Marketing Manager of South East Asia (SEA) Region Ms Sylvia Ng; MEASAT Broadcast Network Systems Sdn Bhd Events and Communications Assistant Vice President Ms Ooi See Bee; Pioneer Sports Management Director Mr Lee Wan Wah; One Titan Media Editor-in-Chief Mr Lim Chee Sen.

All participants and invited guests were treated for a dinner at the prize-giving ceremony at Guinness Anchor Brewery in Petaling Jaya after the Tournament.

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